How to Register - CEU Alumni and CEU Researchers, without SITS Access

If you are a CEU alumn or a CEU researcher, you do not have access to Ithe university's course regisration system called SITS. You can register to our courses by filling in the Enrollment Form for Visitors and emailing it to 

Your registration comes into effect once confirmed by our office.


If you have ever studied the target language, please take the Placement Test, email it to the relevant teaher (the email address is provided next to the test). You will receive an advice within 3 working days where to enroll.

If you have studied the same language with us before, within the last two terms you can just enroll in the next level..

If you have never studied the target langauge before, just enroll in the beginner level.


If you fulfill the course requirements and do not miss more than 3 classes in the fall or winter term, or more than 2 classes in the spring term than you will receive a certificate at the end of the course.