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Hungarian Courses

In order to help new students and staff to survive in Budapest outside the university, the Writing Center offers practical courses in basic Hungarian throughout the year. Beginner courses are partially subsidised by the university; elementary, intermediate and higher-level courses are not. Courses run each semester for 10 weeks, 2x90 minutes per week. Group size must be minimum 7 participants for non-subsidised courses, and 9 for subsidised courses.


French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese Courses

Besides Hungarian, courses in French, German, Italian and Spanish are also available.These courses are not subsidised by the university, but we believe that the course fees are very competitive with private language schools, and our teachers, who have many years experience at CEU, are better qualified than average.



  • Lessons on the university premises
  • Materials designed for the needs of CEU students and free of charge
  • Course appears on the transcript (upon registering in Infosys)
  • Variety of classroom activities, interesting topics, friendly atmosphere
  • Rapid improvement of your language skills

These courses, which are specially designed for CEU students, enable participants to improve their reading and listening skills, but attention is also paid to speaking. Depending on the level, the courses also concentrate on grammar. The course material is revised and improved each year by the instructors to suit the needs of CEU students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Before the start of the courses, participants of non-beginner courses, who have not yet taken any courses with us in the given lanaguage, are asked to take a placement test, so that different level groups can be formed. The tests are available here. Please fill them out and depending on the test format (internet based or Word doc) submit them or send them back to the relevant teacher as an email attachment.

The length of courses:

  • Fall Semester: 10 weeks, 40 teaching hours (2x90 minutes per week)
  • Winter Semester: 10 weeks, 40 teaching hours (2x90 minutes per week)
  • Spring Session: 6 weeks, 24 lessons (2x90 minutes per week)

Group size: 7-15 participants

For current course information, registration, start, fees and timetables, see our Foreign Language Announcements page.


"Constant use of target language and minimum use of English. The instructor was very knowledgeable, extremely helpful, clear, concise and descriptive. Interaction between the students helped with practicing. Realistic expectations. Very friendly atmosphere. Excellent pace helped digest the new information, without becoming any boring." - A participant of a Hungarian course

"She is just a fantastic teacher. She treats everyone with the utmost respect, even if her endless patience is challenged. She makes learning fun and easy, is encouraging us to use the language and is doing a lot to make everyone feel comfortable in class." - A participant of a French course

"We had a great teacher. She always came to class with enthusiasm and a smile, which really means a lot. I like that the assignments and tasks were varied because it's important for me to be proficient with grammar and reading texts, not just with spoken German, so her approach was appreciated." - A participant of a German course

"The teacher was absolutely well prepared. She took the effort to check the students' needs and tried to improve them separately as well as in group." - A participant of a Spanish course

"I really enjoyed the class. The teacher is so enthusiastic, I think I could learn much more than it can be expected from a beginner class..." - A participant of an Italian course

"There was a variety of structured topics that allowed to practice the language more comprehensively for specific topics." - A participant of a Chinese course