Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated Bibliography Tutorial - Cornell University Library

A clear, concise introduction to preparing an annotated bibliography. An excellent place to start.

Writing Annotated Bibliographies - U. Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center

A very detailed and extensive site, covering all sorts of aspects of writing an annotated bibliography. A wide range of options, approaches and possibilities. Complete with examples.

How to do library research: How to Create an Annotated Bibliography - Salisbury University

Creating an annotated bibliography involves gathering the most important sources of information about one's topic. These sources can be used later as evidence to support an argument or analysis of a larger research project, like a research essay.

Annotated Bibliography - LEO, St. Cloud State University

Useful general basic guidelines. Not as extensive as the Wisconsin-Madison site, but more manageable in size. Also a little more prescriptive, which can be good if you are confused or annoying if you are more confident.