Award-Winning Poems

 Award-Winning Poems of the CAW Second Language Poetry Contest 2015-16


English Poems

1st Place: Meryl Silverburgh - Lyrical Symphony to a Mother 

2nd Place: Mementomori - Liquefying My Love Assets

3rd Place: Rubicon - That's How It Is


French Poems

Shared 1st Place

Barnabas Szabo (vonSachsen) - Piscine

Ann-Kathrin Beck (Natalia) - Ton rire

Roxana Mohammadi (La rose d'Ispahan) - Soi-meme


Reader's Choice

1st Place: Elena Andreeva (LA) - Con dudas, con emoción, con dolor

2nd Place: Virag Ilona Blazsek (Florence) - Les jours passent

3rd Place: Janet - La maison du nomade

In case of languages where less then 3 poems were receiced there was no committee formed. Poets who submitted their work in these languages receive a certificate of participation.

Congratulations to all of our talented poets!!!

We thank everybody who submitted a poem.