For CEU Poets - How to Enter the Contest, Contest Rules


Write a poem in a language other than your mother tongue and enter the CAW Poetry Contest


The Poetry Contest is open to all members of the CEU community, (students, faculty, staff, researchers) and visitors taking CAW foreign language courses this term.


You may submit one poem per language (that is not written in your mother tongue) on any subject and in any style, provided that the content of the poem is not vulgar or offensive and is your original, individual work and does not exceed 500 words.

The poem should be sent to from your CEU email address. Visitors attending CAW foreign language courses should use the email address they provided us with when they registered for the course.

When emailing your entry, please enter the poem’s title into the subject line, send your poem in a Word or PDF attachment, not containing your name and provide us with a pseudonym that will be used during the contest.

By submitting a poem you accept that the submissions will be published on the CAW Poetry Contest website at  under a pseudonym.


November 30, 2015 – January 25, 2016