Foreign Language Policy





  • CAW offers foreign language courses in German, French, Spanish and Hungarian in the fall term of 2021-22. All courses are taught online.
  • Language courses are open to CEU students, faculty and staff members.
  • CEU students, faculty and staff members are required to register for foreign language courses in SITS during the registration period. If you do not have a student account for SITS with which you could register for our courses, please write an email to and request one. Once your have received the access, you will be able to register for CAW language courses.

          If you are an alumn of CEU, you are asked to register using the Enrollment Form for     

          Visitors by emailing it to during the registration period.

  • Once registration is closed, enrollment no longer possible, only in very exceptional cases when the group is at the minimum number. If the teacher is agreeable to taking in a new student, they can join the group up to two missed classes at the latest.


  • All CAW language courses are fee-paying.
  • Participants can only start attending a foreign language course once they have paid the course fee.
  • Participants who are allowed to join language courses after the end of the registration period are not eligible for any discount from their course fee.
  • The course fee must be paid via the CEU Online Payment System by the end of the registration period in EUR. When paying, participants are asked to indicate their course title, level and group number in the comment section.



  • As a rule, language courses run if at least 6 participants have enrolled in them and have paid the course fee by the end of the registration period. The maximum student number per group is 15.
  • If the registration rate is too low to run a language course, it will be cancelled in that term. In these cases, the course fee will be reimbursed by bank transfer.


  • Participants can drop a language course until the last day of the registration period. Before that date, the course fee that was already paid will be reimbursed. However, once the course starts, we are unable to reimburse the course fee under any circumstances (be it illness or unexpected changes in the schedule).
  • If members of the CEU community fail to drop a foreign language course in time (within the registration period), or stop attending the course, they will receive an AF or a W at the end of the course. In order to prevent that, once they have paid the course fee, they can turn to the Student Records Office and ask them to drop the course upon paying the late drop fee of 15 EUR. 


  • For the successful completion of a language course, participants cannot miss more than 3 sessions in the Fall and Winter terms and 2 sessions in the Spring term.
  • For the successful completion of a language course, participants are required to take and pass a written or an oral test at the end of the term.