Foreign Language Teachers

in alphabetical order)

Ágnes Albert - Italian Teacher

Agnes has received her MA degree from ELTE in Italian language and literature. She has worked as an Italian teacher and interpreter since 2005. She lived for several years in South Italy. She is especially interested in methodology. She uses Italian only in her classes from the very beginning.

Agnes can be contacted at

Orsolya Danó - Hungarian Teacher

Orsolya has a BA degree in English language and an MA degree in cultural and visual anthropology, and completed museum, cultural management and editing studies. She taught Hungarian as a foreign language in HLS and Inside Word Hungarian Language Centre. She also works for FotoMemoria Foundation.

Orsolya can be contacted at

Csaba Filó - German Teacher

Csaba studied German Linguistics and Literature in Berlin, Jena and Budapest. He has gained more than twenty years of experience in the education of adults, he is co-author of a workbook and teacher's book of German as a foreign language. His primary focus in class is communication, he is proud of the state-of-the-art technology he uses on a daily basis, and that these together with the modern teaching practices creates a motivating atmosphere for his students to improve their language skills. Since the day he became a teacher of the Österreich Institut (Austrian Institute) and an ÖSD examiner, cultural awareness has played an important part of his everyday life.  

Csaba can be contacted at

Dóra Géber - German Teacher

Dora graduated from ELTE in 2012 where she received MAs in German as a foreign language and Hungarian as a foreign language. During her studies she specialized in contrastive linguistics and translation theory. She is interested in multilingualism, Austrianisms „Austriazismen”, teaching German to the Swabian German minority in Hungary,  Swabian culture and dance.

She finds it a great challenge to teach foreign languages in a multicultural environment. She also teaches Hungarian as a foreign language at the Balassi Institute.

Dora can be contacted at

Anna Jávor - German Teacher

Anna studied German linguistics and literature in Hamburg and in Budapest. She has worked as a German teacher since 2003. She has tought in Vietnam, Germany, and Hungary at the Goethe-Institut. therefore she is skilled in teaching in an international environment. She is currently also the head teacher of Goethe-Institut Budapest. She is a bike enthusiast.

Anna can be contacted at

Enikő Kraft - German Teacher

Enikő teaches at IBS and the Goethe Institute in Budapest,  being a member of the latter one since 2012. Between 2005 and 2007 she was a staff member of the  Humboldt Institute. In 2004 she graduated from  PPKE with a Masters in History and German.   

Enikő can be contacted at

Erzsébet Magyar - French Teacher

Erzsebet studied in Brussels and Budapest (MAs in History and French Language and Literature). She also received her MA in Central European History at CEU and her PhD in Cultural History at ELTE (Budapest). Her interests cover a wide range of topics: Foreign Language Acquisition, French Literature and Cultural Studies, Central European History, European Cultural History, Urban History. She has worked for CEU since 1998 and she really enjoys her job.

For information on French courses, contact Erzsi at

Judit Maruszki - Hungarian Teacher

Judit has an MA in Hungarian and French Language and Literature from ELTE University (Budapest). She has taught Hungarian as a foreign language since 1996. She worked at International House Language School, then at the University of Lille (France). She's been teaching Hungarian for multilingual groups at different levels at Balassi Institute since 2002.

Judit can be contacted at 

Erika Nagy - Spanish Teacher

Erika has been working as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language for more than 25 years; in the past 20 years as the module leader and head of Spanish Department at IBS, Budapest (Oxford Brookes University) and since 2007 as part-time teacher at Instituto Cervantes, Budapest.

She is the author of several Spanish course books specialized in teaching general Spanish to secondary and grammar school and adult learners. These books were published by the main textbook publisher in the country and received a very good critic once they were stared to be used at schools. They even won the second prize among language textbooks published in Hungary. Erika can be contacted at

Emese Schiller - German Teacher

She has received her MA degree in German and English at Eötvös Loránd University in 2014.

She started the Teacher Training program in 2011 after having received an excellent evaluation for her Thesis Essay about Dyslexic Language Learners in 2011. In 2014, she completed her Master studies with remarkable results, her thesis essay was about Language Counselling, an article about which was also published in the same year. Last but not least, it is important to mention that during the summer of 2015 and 2016 she had the opportunity to gain professional experience abroad.  She was working for Sprachzentrum Süd and for Goethe Institut as well, where she taught German as a foreign language in internationally diverse language groups.

Emese can be contacted at