Literature Reviews

Writing a Literature Review - University of Toronto

These clear and succinct guidelines are the best overview we have found. Don't be put off by the fact that the page is for students of Health Sciences; the information is just as relevant for any subject. This site is now available by subscription only, but the Toronto HS Writing Center has given us temporary permission to include this pdf file on our page.

Writers' Handbook: Review of Literature - University of Wisconsin

Some useful basic guidelines which provide a quick overview to help you structure your review of the literature.

Writing the Literature Review - University of Queensland

More detailed than the University of Wisconsin page, complete with text extracts for exemplification and a frequently asked questions section at the end. Very useful.

Literature Reviews and Bibliographic Searches - edited by Vandana Desai and Robert B. Potter

When you’re looking through the literature, what are you searching for? Where and how do you find appropriate sources? How do you
analyse the literature once you have found it? How should the literature
review be written up? How does the literature review link up with
the rest of your project?