Other Thesis Resources

CEU Thesis Guidelines

The thesis is the single most important element of the bachelor’s and master’s degree. It is a test of the student’s ability both to undertake and complete a sustained piece of independent research and analysis, and to write up that research in a coherent form according to the rules and conventions of the academic community. As the official language of study at CEU is English, students are required to write the thesis in English to a standard that native speaker academics would find acceptable. A satisfactory thesis should not only be adequate in its methodology, in its analysis and in its argument, and adequately demonstrate its author’s familiarity with the relevant literature; it should also be written in correct, coherent language, in an appropriate style, correctly following the conventions of citation. It should, moreover, have a logical and visible structure and development that should at all times assist the reader’s understanding of the argument being presented and not obscure it. The layout and physical appearance of the thesis should also conform to university standards.

How to Organize your Thesis - John Chinneck, Carleton University

A useful general overview - deals with the nature of research and offers a skeleton structure. As the author is a computer scientist, however, you may well want to adapt this.

Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation - by Joseph Levine

Full details of how to approach writing a Ph.D. thesis, including tips for planning and for the defense as well as a link to a page dealing with funding proposals. A very useful document whether you stay at CEU for your Ph.D. or go elsewhere - an address to take with you! Includes loads of links to other sites.

How to Write Your Thesis - The Earth Institute At Columbia University

Extensive details and guidance, especially for students of Environmental Science, but useful for any subject. Section II: Crosscutting Issues is particularly helpful.