Placement tests for CAW Foreign Language Courses

Please fill in the relevant German test and email it to You should receive the result within 3 working days.


German Placement TestsPlease note that there are 5 German tests to measure different levels. The tests are marked with the standard EU levels. Take a look at the different tests and decide, which one is closest to your level and fil that one in. Please always choose the online version to fill in. You will receive an email with your detailed test result. Please forward us the email with the test result to 

A1 test 

A2 test

B1 test 

B2 test

C1 test

French Placement TestPlease fill in the test and email it to 

French placement test

Hungarian Placement TestsPlease fill in the test you feel suits your level best and email it to

Hungarian placement test Level 1

Hungarian placement test Level 2

Hungarian placement test Level 3