Reading Skills


Effective Reading - University of New South Wales

Useful guidelines and suggestions on this ever difficult topic.


The Fundamentals of Critical Reading and Effective Writing - Dan Kurland

We quote: "Everyone complains that students cannot read well… and yet most high schools and colleges offer no course in critical reading. This is the website for just such a course."

Evaluating information Found on the Internet - Gerogetown University

Good checklist to consider when considering whether an internet site is reliable.

How to Evaluate Website Content - University of Edinburgh

How do you tell when information you find on the internet is reliable? Advice is provided to help you evaluate web content and decide if it's suitable for your research and study purposes.

Internet Detective

Internet Detective is an interactive, online tutorial which provides an introduction to the issues of information quality on the Internet and teaches the skills required to evaluate critically the quality of an Internet resource.

Logical Fallacies

Fallacies are deceptive arguments or arguments that prove nothing.  Fallacies often seem superficially sound, and they far too often retain immense persuasive power even after being clearly exposed as false.  Fallacies are not always deliberate, but a good scholar’s purpose is always to identify and unmask fallacies in arguments.