Registration types in SITS

As a member of CEU (student, faculty, staff) can register for our courses for


As an exchange, Bard, Erasmus student you can register for our courses for


Please note that this option is not available in SITS. It has to be reset later. However, if you wish to receive a degree credit for a CAW foreign language course, you must be registed for Grade for that course.

Our courses cannot be taken for Audit.

Conditions of passing a course are:

  • You cannot miss more than 3 classes
  • You will get mandatory homework
  • You have to pass an oral or written examination at the end of the course

Please note that class work also counts into your mark.


Erasmus, BARD, Matilda and some other types of exchange students can receive 2 CEU degree credits for our 40-hour language courses, provided that their program sends the CAW coordinator a written approval about that. A maximum of 2 credits can be awarded per term for attending language courses. Degree credits for language courses require Grade type of registration.

Occasionally, regular CEU degree students can also earn degree credits for CAW language courses when their department head and supervisor sees it necessary. In such cases, the CAW coordinator has to be informed by the department about this decision.

Should you have any questions about registration types ask us at