Consultation Policy


  1. Consultation services are available for all students of CEU, as well as faculty and staff. You can arrange a consultation using the Writing Center on-line, or by contacting an instructor by email. 
  2. As well as assignments set as part of Writing Center courses, you may consult with a writing instructor on any work for CEU, including but not necessarily limited to: assignments given as part of your coursework (unless indicated by the department that no assistance should be given); articles for publication; career-oriented writing, such as letters of application for further study, CVs or statements of purpose.
  3. The purpose of a consultation is to help you to become a better writer by discussing your general concerns about writing, as well as specific papers you are working on.
  4. The purpose of the consultation is neither to correct nor proof-read your paper for you, but to give you suggestions on how to improve it, as well as on your writing in general. You should take responsibility for the changes you make, based on this advice.
  5. Consultations should be arranged in advance, and work to be read by your instructor for the consultation should normally be sent by attachment or in hard copy 24 hours in advance. If the text is very short, s/he may agree to accept it at less notice. If you turn up or send work at short notice, the instructor may ask you to reschedule the consultation.
  6. Consultations are normally 30 minutes long. For this reason, you need to decide what can be covered in this time and let your instructor know this in advance. If you need more than 30 minutes, discuss this with your instructor, who may suggest a second consultation.
  7. Each student is entitled to two 30-minute consultations per week. Your instructor may agree to give you more consultations than this if s/he has the time. In busy periods, instructors’ schedules may fill up very quickly; in this case we operate on a first come-first served basis.
  8. You should always sign up with the same instructor in order to build a productive relationship where s/he is familiar with your needs. If your usual instructor is ill or too busy, you can arrange a consultation with another instructor, however, the total number of consultations should not be more than two per week except by agreement with both instructors.
  9. Instructors are experts on academic writing rather than subject specialists. Our role is not to evaluate the suitability of assignments set by faculty. Where questions arise about task or content, we will encourage you to seek clarification from the person setting the task.