Foreign Language Teachers

in alphabetical order

Enikő Bajusz - German Teacher
Enikő  graduated in 2004 from PPKE with a Masters in German linguistics and Communication. She has been working as a teacher of German as a foreign language for more than 17 years; in the past 12 years as a freelance teacher mostly at Goethe-Institut in Budapest, since 2019 also at Goethe-Institut in Berlin and since 2020 as a part-time teacher at Budenz Alapítványi Gimnázium, Budapest.
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Levente Borsos - Hungarian Teacher

Levente graduated from ELTE and has an MA in Hungarian, Spanish and Hungarian as a Foreign Language. He has been teaching Hungarian for foreigners since 2007 at Balassi Institute and ELTE. Between 2012 and 2017 he taught Hungarian language and culture at Osaka University, Japan. Currently, he is a part-time teacher at Balassi Institute and a founding member of the PontHU group for the teaching Hungarian.

Levente can be contacted at

Levente is on a leave of absence in 2022-23.

Dóra Géber - German Teacher

Dora graduated from ELTE in 2012 where she received MAs in German as a foreign language and Hungarian as a foreign language. During her studies she specialized in contrastive linguistics and translation theory. She is interested in multilingualism, Austrianisms „Austriazismen”, teaching German to the Swabian German minority in Hungary,  Swabian culture and dance.

She finds it a great challenge to teach foreign languages in a multicultural environment. She also teaches Hungarian as a foreign language at the Balassi Institute.

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Zsuzsanna Jakab - German Teacher

As a child Zsuzsi lived in Munich for some years and fell in love with the language then. She learnt German and music at the same time and she remained active in both fields until today.
Having graduated from the Germanistic Studies of ELTE she played violin in a symphonic orchestra for several years and taught German in language schools and companies at the same time.   

At present, she is an entrepreneur working as a German teacher. She has taught in the Goethe Institute since 2014 and became an examiner there in 2017. She spends her free time with her family and by playing baroque chamber music. 

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Dr. Emőke Jámbor - Hungarian teacher

Emőke graduated from ELTE in Spanish (1993) and Hungarian as a Foreign Language (2020). She taught Spanish Language at the Corvinus University (1993). She has been working as a teacher as Spanish (2005) and as Hungarian as a Foreigner Language (2020) and as head of Department of Neo-latin Languages at the Polytechnic and Economics University of Budapest. She taught Hungarian language at the Institut Cervantes of Budapest (2021). Currently she teaches Hungarian language and culture at the University of Barcelona (2022).

He has a doctorate in applied linguistics (2005), his research topic is cultural elements in Spanish textbooks.

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András Kétyi Dr. - German Teacher

András Kétyi is Senior Lecturer at Budapest Business School (Hungary) with a history of working in higher education. skilled in Moodle, intercultural communication, lecturing and educational technology. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Education from the University of Szeged (Hungary). He has recently been working on different Mobil-Assisted Language Learning (MALL) projects, including gamification and has been involved in Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL) research. For the PBLL-project launched two years ago, he and his colleagues of the German Section at BBS were awarded "European Language Label" in 2019.

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Enikő Kraft - German Teacher

Enikő teaches at IBS and the Goethe Institute in Budapest,  being a member of the latter one since 2012. Between 2005 and 2007 she was a staff member of the  Humboldt Institute. In 2004 she graduated from  PPKE with a Masters in History and German.   

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Erzsébet Magyar - French Teacher

Erzsebet studied in Brussels and Budapest (MAs in History and French Language and Literature). She also received her MA in Central European History at CEU and her PhD in Cultural History at ELTE (Budapest). Her interests cover a wide range of topics: Foreign Language Acquisition, French Literature and Cultural Studies, Central European History, European Cultural History, Urban History. She has worked for CEU since 1998 and she really enjoys her job.

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Erika Nagy - Spanish Teacher

Erika has been working as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language for more than 25 years; in the past 20 years as the module leader and head of Spanish Department at IBS, Budapest (Oxford Brookes University) and since 2007 as part-time teacher at Instituto Cervantes, Budapest.

She is the author of several Spanish course books specialized in teaching general Spanish to secondary and grammar school and adult learners. These books were published by the main textbook publisher in the country and received a very good critic once they were stared to be used at schools. They even won the second prize among language textbooks published in Hungary. Erika can be contacted at

Sarolta Németh - German Teacher

Sarolta teaches at the Goethe Institute, Budapest and CEU.

She received her Master's degree in German linguistics and communication in 2004. As an exchange student she also studied at Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf and at Kölner Universität. She also spent some time in Berlin a scholarship recepient.

She enjoys teaching international groups. In her free time she likes spending time in nature.

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Zoltán Ruppert - German Teacher

Zoltán received his MA degree in German and Hungarian as a foreign language at ELTE Budapest. He has been working as a freelance teacher mainly at AUDI Hungaria Zrt. for 8 years. In addition to general German language, he also teaches business and automotive languages. He is happy to incorporate spoken language examples into his lessons, as he teaches Hungarian to native German speakers, so he is in daily contact with the spoken language.

He is also a qualified TELC examiner in B2 and C1 levels.

 Zoltán can be contacted at

Csilla Váradi - German Teacher

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