Courses for Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate Students

Due to the different expectations of different disciplines, our courses vary from department to department. However, the general aim of all courses is to help students to develop as writers within the academic community by raising awareness of, practicing and reflecting upon the conventions of written texts in English. During the course, students will:

  • Improve critical reading skills, enabling students to think and write more clearly and incisively
  • Identify the structural features of specific academic writing genres, relevant to each discipline
  • Refine writing processes through generating ideas, drafting, peer evaluation and individual writing consultations
  • Learn to take into consideration the expectations of one’s readership with regard to academic writing discourse
  • Effectively use the work of others in writing, including use of sources and citation methods
  • Expand and improve the students' ability to work independently by exploring new strategies for learning

The Center for Academic Writing’s courses are designed specifically for each discipline, including Cultural Heritage, Economics, Environmental Sciences, Gender Studies, History, International Relations, Legal Studies, Nationalism, Network Science, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Policy and Sociology.


Environmental Science and Policy


ENVS 5059 - Academic Writing - MESPOM, Robin Bellers, Judit Minczinger

ENVS 5083 - Academic Writing - MESP, Vera Eliasova

ENVS 6101 - Academic Writing for Doctoral Students, Borbála Faragó

Department of Economics


ECBS 5044 - Academic Writing MA Econ 1st year, Andrea Kirchknopf and Zsuzsanna Tóth

ECBS 57042 - Academic and Policy Paper Writing EconPol 1st year, Éva Ajkay-Nagy and Ágnes Diós-Tóth

ECBS 5043 - Academic and Policy Paper Writing EconPol 2nd year, Vera Eliasova, Judit Minczinger

Department of Gender Studies


GENS 5041 - Academic Writing, on-site Borbála Faragó, Sanjay Kumar and David Ridout


GENS 6021 - Advanced Academic Writing Seminar for PhD Students in Gender Studies, Andrea Kirchknopf

Department of History


CAW 5040 - Academic Writing for Historians (One-year MA students) for one-year MA students - Judit Minczinger 

CAW 5020 - Academic Writing I for Historians (Two-year MA 1st year) - Borbála Faragó


CAW 5041 - Academic Writing II for Historians - (one-year MA students) Judit Minczinger

CAW 5039 - Academic Writing II for Historians - (two-year MA 2nd year students) - Robin Bellers

Department of International Relations and European Studies


INTR 5445 - Academic Writing for International Relations for one-year MA students, Éva Ajkay-Nagy

INTR 5451 - Academic Writing for International Relations for two-year MA students (part I),  Vera Eliasova, Zsuzsanna Tóth


INTR 5002 - Academic Writing for International RelationsRobin Bellers, Éva Ajkay-Nagy

INTR 5445 - Academic Writing for International Relations for one-year MA students (part II), Vera Eliasova, Zsuzsanna Tóth

Department of Legal Studies

LEGS 5961 - Thesis Seminar (HR MA), Judit Minczinger, Éva Ajkay-Nagy

LEGS 5770- Capstone Seminar (HR), Zsuzsanna Tóth

LEGS 5952 - Academic Writing (GBLR), Andrea Kirchknopf and David Ridout 

LEGS5961 - Thesis Seminar (CCL), Ágnes Diós-Tóth

Thesis Writing I (SJD), Sanjay Kumar

Thesis Writing Course for 2nd and 3rd year SJD students, Ágnes Diós-Tóth

Department of Medieval Studies

CAW 5037 - Academic Writing for Graduate Students of Medieval Studies, two-year MA Students - Vera Eliasova

CAW 5035 - Academic Writing for Graduate Students of Medieval Studies, one-year MA Students - Andrea Kirchknopf

CAW 5038 - Academic Writing for Cultural Heritage Studies, Ágnes Diós-Tóth

Nationalism Studies Program

LANG 5030 - Academic Writing for Nationalism Studies

for students of the one-year MA Program, Judit Minczinger

for 1st year students of the two-year MA Program, Sanjay Kumar

Department of Network Science

CAW5042 - Academic Writing for Network Science PhD Students, Ágnes Diós-Tóth

Department of Philosophy

PHIL5824 - Academic Writing for two year Philosophy MA 1st year students, Borbála Faragó

PHIL5826 - Academic Writing for one year Philosophy MA students, Andrea Kirchknopf

Department of Political Sciences

POLS 5015 - Academic Writing for Political Science, Robin Bellers, Zsuzsanna Tóth, Éva Ajkay-Nagy, Judit Minczinger

Department of Public Policy

DOPP5427 - Academic Writing for Public Policy Students -Éva Ajkay-Nagy, Sanjay Kumar, Zsuzsanna Tóth, Ágnes Diós-Tóth, Vera Eliasová

DOPP5325 - Writing for Policy Audicences - Sanjay Kumar

Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

SOCL 5000 and SOCL 5085 - Academic Writing, Andrea Kirchknopf and David Ridout

SOCL 6121 - Narrative Writing Course for PhD students, Sanjay Kumar

FALL TERM Undergraduate Programs


UGST4016 Introduction to Academic Writing, Éva Ajkay-Nagy, Robin Bellers


UGST4030 Introduction to Academic Writing for CPS - Borbála Faragó, Zsuzsanna Tóth


UGST4036 Introduction to Academic Writing for DSS - Ágnes Diós-Tóth



Genres of Writing - Vera Eliasova and Sanjay Kumar

UGST4112 Creative Writing - Borbála Faragó