Location & Contact Information

Location & Contact Information

The Center for Academic Writing is located on the second floor of the Nador 15 Building.





If you have any general questions please contact us at writing@ceu.edu

If you have questions related to foreign language courses please contact us at foreign_languages@ceu.edu

For inquiries about writing courses for institutions other than CEU see our outreach page, but please contact us at caw_outreach@ceu.edu



Agnes Makary, +361-327-3817, makaryag@ceu.edu
Office hours: Mon-Wed 10-12, Tue-Thue 14-16, or by appointment

Acting Director:

David Ridout, +361-327-3196, ritoutd@ceu.edu

Academic Writing Instructors:

Robin Bellers, +361-235-6101, bellers@ceu.edu

Vera Eliasova, +361-327-3000 xt. 2301, eliasovav@ceu.edu

Borbala Farago, +361-327-3000 xt. 2129, faragob@ceu.edu

Andrea Kirchnopf, +361-327-3010, kirchknopfa@ceu.edu

Sanjay Kumar, +361-327-3818, kumars@ceu.edu

Thomas Rooney, +361-327-3238, rooneyt@ceu.edu

Eszter Timar, +361-327-3058, timare@ceu.edu

Zsuzsanna Toth, +361-327-3265, tothzs@ceu.edu


Foreign Language Teachers:

Please note that since the foreign language teachers work on an hourly base, they are typically not available during the day only in the evening during their classes. For that reason the best way to contact them is via email.


Erzsebet Magyar magyar@ceu.edu


Dora Geber GeberD@ceu.edu

Emese Schiller schillere@ceu.edu


Dr. Angéla Imre imrea@ceu.hu

Judit Maruszki jmaruszki@yahoo.fr

Katalin Joós joosk@ceu.edu

Orsolya Danó dano.orsolya@gmail.com


Erika Nagy eri.nagy66@gmail.com


Agnes Albert alberta@ceu.edu


Tao Sheng Fei taoshengfei007@hotmail.com



Foreign Language Assistant: 

Judit Uzonyi-Tompa, foreign_languages@ceu.edu