General information


  • Fall Semester: 10 weeks, 40 teaching hours (2x90 minutes per week)
  • Winter Semester: 10 weeks, 40 teaching hours (2x90 minutes per week)
  • Spring Session: 6 weeks, 24 lessons (2x90 minutes per week)
  • The Budapest Guide course is 6-week long and consists of 12 teaching hours


6-15 participants


  • Lessons on the university premises
  • Materials designed for the needs of CEU students and free of charge
  • Course appears on the transcript (upon registering in SITS)
  • Variety of classroom activities, interesting topics, friendly atmosphere
  • Rapid improvement of your language skills

These courses, which are specially designed for CEU students, enable participants to improve their reading and listening skills, but attention is also paid to speaking. Depending on the level, the courses also concentrate on grammar. The course material is revised and improved each year by the instructors to suit the needs of CEU students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Before the start of the courses, participants of non-beginner courses, who have not yet taken any courses with us in the given language, are asked to take a placement test, so that different level groups can be formed. The tests are available here. Please fill them out and send them back to the relevant teacher as an email attachment.