Opinions about our courses



"Constant use of target language and minimum use of English. The instructor was very knowledgeable, extremely helpful, clear, concise and descriptive. Interaction between the students helped with practicing. Realistic expectations. Very friendly atmosphere. Excellent pace helped digest the new information, without becoming any boring." - A participant of a Hungarian course


"She is just a fantastic teacher. She treats everyone with the utmost respect, even if her endless patience is challenged. She makes learning fun and easy, is encouraging us to use the language and is doing a lot to make everyone feel comfortable in class." - A participant of a French course


"We had a great teacher. She always came to class with enthusiasm and a smile, which really means a lot. I like that the assignments and tasks were varied because it's important for me to be proficient with grammar and reading texts, not just with spoken German, so her approach was appreciated." - A participant of a German course


"The teacher was absolutely well prepared. She took the effort to check the students' needs and tried to improve them separately as well as in group." - A participant of a Spanish course