Specific Genres


Some professors, especially, but not only in Public Policy, ask students to write policy briefs. If you are given an assignment like this, try this link.

The Policy Brief - OSI/IPF

This is a freely accessible downloadable PDF guide compiled by the International Centre for Policy Advocacy – in fact written by two previous colleagues who really know how to explain what the writing of policy briefs entails.


POLICY Advocacy

A freely accessible comprehensive Policy Advocacy Guidebook entitled ‘Making research evidence matter: A guide to policy advocacy in transition countries’ by the same organization on policy advocacy can be found in multiple languages at


POLICY writing more broadly

A very useful website which looks at other types of policy writing, op-eds and memos and which recommends further good sites on policy writing related to the media etc., can be found at Duke University ‘Policy Writing Tips’



Report Writing FAQ - University of New South Wales

A very well organised, readable site on university report writing.

Report writing - Academic Skills Programme - Canberra University

A detailed page with full guidelines. Information clearly laid out in lists and tables.


There are a number of useful sites on the web written by writing centres, in particular have a look at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and their tips for students on ‘Writing an Effective Blog Post’


Another good, brief site which offers tips for students writing blogs, and defining different types of blogs, can be found at Syracuse University iSchool, written by Antonio Rotolo


Another site which offers excellent advice to academics on how to turn their academic work into a blog post can be found on the London School of Economics website


response paper writing

Although you must always check what your professor understands and wants from a response paper, this document offered by Duke University takes you through many of the issues you need to consider